Versus 2014-16

Versus 2015-16 In the sense of contra, of opposition. Nature, the gestural versus the human, the geometry. Geological structures; The mountain (again), the cliffs, the desolate places as my own battlefields. Integrate drawing and landscape painting. To inquire into the process of how we look at nature. The logic of the stone.

Lo que no cesa 2015-16

Lo que no cesa 2015-16 Part of the project La raíz y el ojo but trying to reach even deeper layers, behind the mask, where darkness appears and the archaic, symbolic and archetypal images appear more fluidly. The triptych, shaped with religious reminiscences, is the basic structure. Anábasis. Espacio Cultural Rufino Tamayo. Villanueva de la […]

La raíz y el ojo 2014-16

La raíz y el ojo 2015-16 Nature as a transforming element is increasingly the center of my work. To explore, through drawing, that place where the natural (the root, sunk in the earth and at the same time in the man) and human (the eye that burns before the complex vision, the ancestral face) are […]

Anábasis 2015

Anábasis 2015 The sum of my admiration for oriental painting in large rolls and a wall of 10 meters are the beginings for this project that made me consider new technical and compositional problems. A 9 meters drawing designed to walk around it.Anabasis, expedition to the interior. The mountain as a destination, up there. The […]

La Rochelle 2013-14

La Rochelle 2013-14 Thanks to Eva Doublet Gallery, the Center Intermonds in La Rochelle (France) granted me a residence and the possibility of exhibiting my work there.The sea and the wind were the subject of my work there. How to draw what is always changing? I still find it a fascinating question. L´ impossibilité de […]

Detrás del ojo lejos 2013

Detrás del ojo lejos 2013 What to draw when you lose a very dear person? My modest answer is this project in which I simplify to the maximum the plastic elements. What remains is ash, earth, graphite and the very act of drawing as a cathartic process.The main element is the complex linear veil frames […]

Doppelgänger 2011-13

Doppelgänger 2011-13 The initial idea is the concept of the double, the one that walks beside me. The structure of the diptych was the initial choice, later, the theme was developed in the form of realistic portraits of characters as alter-egos under the premise that everything is self-portrait. The photograph gains in textures with the […]

Wunderkammer 2010

Wunderkammer 2010 In the manner of the old cabinets of curiosities, a collection of my own obsessions grouped around four epigraphs: Artificialia (the symbolism of objects), Naturalia (certain natural spaces), Scientifica (the impossibility of science to reach certain places ) And Human (the disappearance of the subject.)The catalog was made thanks to a second Zurbarán […]

Exilio / Exile 2008-09

Exilio / Exile 2008-09 With a Zurbaran grant from Junta de Extremadura I was able to realize this project in which I investigate the concepts of exile and nostalgia in two places with a special meaning for me, Extremadura and Ireland. Most of the pieces of the project are diptychs, photography and drawing, something that […]

4 Habitaciones 2007

4 Habitaciones 2007 Another project created for an exhibition that was never showed, even so some works could be seen on ocassion.. The starting  still seems very interesting: Four rooms connected as a metaphor or model of our existence; Me and the world, me and my circumstances, me with myself  and the subconscious world … […]

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